5 Surprisingly simple steps to creating Highly successful list builds and attracting Highly engaged leads (even if you've never list built before!)
Discover How to Take Your List-Building to the Next Level with
the 5 Day Level Up List Build Challenge!
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What was working a year (or two) ago in list building isn't anymore!

People are busier, they have less time and they're picker about what they will give their email address for more than ever before. Things have really changed! 

That's why over the course of 5 days, I'm going to show you "List Building 2.0" and how to use it in YOUR business... so you can

Stand out from the crowd (because it's getting pretty crowded online!)

Generate an email list of hot & ready buyers

Take 2020 by storm Right from the start - Even if you've never built an email list before!

Who Am I?
My name is Jennie Wright, and I've been helping digital marketers (like you) figure out how to market, communicate, brand and grow their niche businesses to super success.

I'm a List Building and Lead Generation Expert and it shows in my experience:

~My clients routinely see 45-75% opt in rates on landing pages
~List Builds I plan have generated anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 income for the host.
~ I've done nearly 250 online summits, 40 digital challenges, 100+ webinars ... and more happening every single week with my "List Build 2.0" System
~ I've grown and run 3 successful Facebook groups and used them to generate thousands of leads for myself and my clients. 
~I've grown my list by THOUSANDS using only 100% ORGANIC traffic. 

I passionately believe in authentic list building and marketing, but I'm even more passionate about authentic marketing that drives real results.

Are you ready to discover what's in store for you this coming year with YOUR list build?
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