Hey Smartypants... You are claiming your THRIVE Call! (good for you!)

Here's what you'll get:

  • 60 Minute Session: We'll build your plan LIVE on the call with you (100% personalized to YOUR needs and business)
  • Promo Storm Calendar: Personalized to YOUR launch dates
  • Launch Topics: We'll help you figure out what content to teach during your launch to engage your audience
  • Copy To-Do List: Take the guesswork out of what needs to be done and get it all mapped out for you!
  • Offer Creation Help: Unsure exactly what to offer? No worries - we'll help you nail it down
  • Full Video & Notes: We take EXCELLENT notes and hit a record button like a champ. You'll get it all to reference anytime.

Plus these AWESOME bonuses:

  • 100 Content Storm Topics: 100% personalized to you based on keywords we pick up during our conversation 
  • ​Authentic Share Promo Plan Outline: To help you leverage other people's audiences
  • ​Lead Interest Campaign: So you know what you're selling is something they really want
  • Opportunity Networking Checklist: Showing you step-by-step how to take advantage of every opportunity you have
  • Nurture Planning Resource: Because it doesn't end when you get the lead - we'll help you plot how to keep them engaged.
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You ARE the professionals!

"At any rate, I am raging. The material way over delivered, which is a good thing, and I congratulate you all. You were all very comprehensive and very organized with what you offered. And it's clear that you are the consummate professionals on each of these subjects.

You not only talk about the what needs to be done, but you show the how. I can't tell you how rare that it, and it is super appreciated."

Cheryl Meyer
Health Coach
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this going to be a pitchfest?

No, not at all. This is a 60-minute call with the primary goal being to deliver you a plan that you can run with. Now, #transparency - if we think it's right, we may make an offer to have us help you implement the things we plan out. But that's not the point of this call.

Do I need to take notes?

You absolutely CAN take notes if you want - but it's not necessary. We'll send you OUR notes (and they're darn good) as well as the recording for you to keep.

Ok... so what happens once I check out?

Once you enter your information above and check out, you'll automatically be taken to our calendar where you can schedule your call. We'll send all the instructions directly to your inbox... and when it's time for your call, you show up ready to answer all our questions. It's really that simple.

Will this REALLY help my business?

So we're not going to promise that we can wave a magic wand and make a difference in your business. That would be unrealistic and unethical. But what we WILL do is give you a plan that with the right effort from you, we know can work. (We know because we've seen our plans work over and over again, for our clients and other THRIVE call purchasers.)

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Amber J. McLaren
Happy Customer, Happy Town
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